Sunday, November 28, 2010

Let's Learn Korean Language ( 한국어) - Pt 2

 Flower boy Kim Bum is here this time.
Just imagine that he is your private Korean Language teacher ^^

Ok, shall we proceed now??

  • This is called mieum

Let's Learn Korean Language ( 한국어) - Pt 1

Even I'm not the best to teach Korean, but I believe at least i could help a little..
Korean Language(KL) or 한국어 ( Hanguk O = hangu go)....
I assume that many people would prefer to just learn how to speak/communicate in KL.
Even so, i think the best is to learn it thoroughly. Of course, we, non-native speakers can never be as fluent as the Korean people. But, isn't it a good point if you can read the Hangeul (the Korean alphabet). It really is not dat hard to memorize them except for the double vowels, i got them wrong sumtimes T_T.
Enough with the blabbers, lets get started....
here are the consonants.
There are 19 consonants in Hangeul.

The 19 consonants of Hangeul
Can you them clearly?? I hope so...

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Would you fall for them??

okay,,, i decided that i'll cover on this thing for my very 1st entry... let's analyze the typical characters that appear in kdramas...

most of the dramas would have the 2nd hero.. the one who love the heroin whole-heartedly, n always with the heroin through thicks n thins, n still the heroin just cant see him..

and i who have a fragile heart  ALWAYS fall for this kind of character... you know, people that got hurt deeply but no one can actually see n care about it...

let's meet them now....

the 1st (that i know) is none other than lee junki's character in my girl:

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Introduction ^^

Hello everyone!!! Anyong!!!

A little bit of greetings here^^

  • You can call me Fatin ; )
  • If u wonder what danhobak is, it is a Korean word that refers to 'sweet pumpkin'
  • i choose to use danhobak cuz it is the nickname of Super Junior's Sungmin
  • Sungmin is my FAVOURITE members of suju!!!!
  • here is my oppa <3
 Cute Oppa <3