Thursday, August 4, 2011

Mr Simple fanchant [Hangeul + Romanized]

source: tumblr
romanized by: me fatin heemin/ @Fatin_YeMin^^

Mr. Simple fanchant
[ Mr. Simple 응원법 ]

Because You Naughty, Naughty Hey! Mr. Simple Because You Naughty, Naughty
..... ..... ..... ....) 떼레떼떼떼~ 슈주 간다!

세상이 맘대로 된다고 화만 내면 그럴 필요 없지 (조규현)
Sesangi ne mamdero an dwindago hwaman ne myeon an dwae kereol piryeo obseo (Jo KyuHyun)
걱정도 팔자다 작은 일에 너무 연연하지 말자 몸에 좋지 않아 (최시원)
Gokjeongdo paljada jageun ireo neomu yeonyeonhaji malja mome johji anha (Choi SiWon)

성적이 좋았다가 나빴다가 그런 거지 ! 실적이 올랐다가 떨어졌다 그런 때도 있지 (김희철)
Seongjeogi jowatdaga napatdaga kereon goji mwo heung! Shiljeogi ol lyatdaga ttoreo gyeotda kereon tte do itji (Kim HeeChul)

어쩌면 괜찮아 쉬어 가는 것도 좋아 모든 것이 , , , , 때가 있는 거니까 (이동해)
Eojjeomyeon gwenchanha swieo ganeun geotdo joa modeun tte,tte,tte,tte ttega itneun gonikka (Lee DongHae)

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Thursday, May 26, 2011

My lovely moments with 2AM

After SS3, i have this disease of wanting to meet more kpop idols. When i heard there will be 2AM Promo Tour in Malaysia i was super excited!!~~
there would be 3 events if i'm not mistaken.
  1. meet & greet session
  2. autograph session
  3. showcase
Without further thinking i decided to go for the showcase since i would go nuts
and i'm pretty shy actually to meet the boys in person. which i regretted later.

at first i planned to go with my sister Atiqa but she couldn't go home during the weekend. so instead of bringing my brother who keep saying my obsession is annoying him, i brought my youngest sister who is 9 years old along. thanks to her elder sisters she is a fan of kpop too. kekeke.

So, in the end
we met the boys on the 21st May 2011 n managed to heard their lovely voices

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Super Junior Super Show 3 Live in Malaysia

Alhamdulillah~~~ at last i got to see Super Junior with my own eyes on the 19th March 2011!!! oh, itwas 2 months before rite?? teheee... i guess my entry is very late.. mianhae~~~ i was too excited back then.. n then busy with exams.. now that i have 4 months of holiday, i decided to write something....

SS3 in Malaysia was originally supposed to be held on 26th March 2011 organized by Redstar who brought SS2 in 2010. but bcuz Redstar brought JYJ to Malaysia, SM became really childlish by cancelling their contract with Redstar!!  Malaysian ELFs were almost gave up their hopes to see SJ again. Some of the ELFs decided to to attend SS3 in Singapore. And to our surprise, the organizer of SS3 in Singapore : Running Into the Sun (RITS) turned out to be the organizer for SS3 in Malaysia too!!!~~~ very the kamsa to RITS for bringing the boys to SIngapore and Malaysia.

Before i go further with the SS3 story, lt me take you back to the day when pre-sale to SS3 tix was held. I cant remember when it was... gosh, i forgot things very easily!  
It was held at SG Wang Plaza. The tix were supposed to be sold at 10AM i think. So, thanks a lot to my dear friend, Dayah once again for accompanying me there and even helped me to buy the tix. Since one person can only buy up to six tix, i brought her along. I bought 3 tix for myself, 4 for my Singaporean friends and 2 for my
Seremban friends. We went there early (at least i thought it was very early) . We queued at the parking lot from 7.30AM i think. by that time we were the 350th people i think.