Friday, December 31, 2010

Fanfic 1

Kyaaa~~ After nearly one year, I'm back!! My comeback fanfic title is Melody, Beat & Soul.

Starring: Kara's Hara, Shinee's Minho, After School's Lizzy and Beast's GiKwang

before i upload the full 'movie' let me tease you with this:

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Hall of Fame

Let's take a break from the korean language tutorial for a while. I lost my pendrive!!! Guhhh, all my Korean language related things dat i wanna share here are gone!! T_T

Back to the Hall of Fame.. Even though i really am just no one i wish i could be someone in kpop world, i'd like to give credit to these kpop idol groups for their talent and drop dead gorgeous looks.

They make it through my list of Hall of Fame due to several reasons:

  1. GOOD songs ( not only title tracks or hit singles but ALL the song in their albums)
  2. GREAT voice especially to their lead vocalists 
  3. good looking (of course essential LOL~~)
  4. funny and got many talents ( in variety shows of course)
  5. great stage presence
  6. most importantly for the girls' group is to NOT BEING FLIRTY, BITCHY N ACT LIKE SLUT WITH BOYS' GROUPS
Proudly present to you the DanhobakSays' Hall of Fame

Dong Bang Shin Ki