Sunday, November 14, 2010

Introduction ^^

Hello everyone!!! Anyong!!!

A little bit of greetings here^^

  • You can call me Fatin ; )
  • If u wonder what danhobak is, it is a Korean word that refers to 'sweet pumpkin'
  • i choose to use danhobak cuz it is the nickname of Super Junior's Sungmin
  • Sungmin is my FAVOURITE members of suju!!!!
  • here is my oppa <3
 Cute Oppa <3

  • sweet pumpkin... i like the name simple yet cute,
  • let's share thought n be good frens!!!

  It's ME ^_~


  1. pls ddcate an article 4 our nampyongis~ ha3...cute blog!

  2. omma?? kekeke... will do soon.... wait up okie...
    currently collecting n organizing materials for my blog.... kekeke...
    thx for the praise anyway...
    as cute as me... haha