Friday, January 21, 2011

Digi Kpop Party 2010

Is it late already to give a review on it??? Nope, dun think so!! Hehe. It's been a week since the party but I can recall the memory very clearly ^^

At first I really have no desire to go to the party actually, cuz i'm thinking of saving money to go to SS3. However, when there was no updates at all about SS3 (until 1st week of jan), I started to give it a second thought. Then one fine night, I was listening to my favourite song playlist when I was trying to get some ideas for my then latest fanfic. While doing so, I listened a lot to B2St's song. When the playlist shuffled to B2ST's Take Care of My Girlfriend, my heart is pumping and my lungs are screaming rebelliously! My mind started to tell me to just go to the party. After brainwashed my own dearest brain, I gave in. I mean, what i've been thinking all this while??? Not going there?? 3 (THREE!) K-Pop stars (almost like ine of the biggest stars) on  a stage! Crazy! With a really CHEAP price. Where on earth can you get a ticket price like that to watch three stars on a stage???


Sunday, January 2, 2011

My Deepest Desire

This is the first time I'm making an entry about myself. All the previous posts had been dedicated to kpop.
Since evryone is still in New Year mode, I think it is appropriate to talk about new year's resolution. But I think mine is more to a long-life resolution. ^^

Growing up with an ambition to be a doctor, and maturing as a teenager makes me forgot my ambition and focused to something I found enjoyable which is English and foreign language.

I went to a science school. In the science school everyone (almost) have ambitions that related to sciences. you name it. Doctor, physicians, engineer etc. So I felt it was better to have a dream of becoming a doctor. I was doing so well in the lower form. When I was in the upper form, my grades started to drop. And I did really moderately in my SPM. Although some of my friends (not my schoolmates) said that my result is ok. But look, if you're in a science school and scored B3 for sciences subjects, it really is not cool. Despite that, I got A1 in all non-science subjects. Wait, I got A1 for my modern maths.

Then I entered Matriculation College. Again in science stream. I found Maths is exceptionally hard. I was doing okay in Chemistry and moderately in Biology. That time, I started to neglect my once dream of becoming doctor. Day after day, I became so confused and at times I can say that I was a little depressed because I don't have goal in my life especially during the second (which is last) semester. I couldn't decide what I wanted to be. A part of me told me that I no longer have this desire to be a doctor or other science-related jobs. While another part of me said that I shouldn't give up for my parents. My parents never aid that they wanted me to become a doctor. It was me who make them believe that I wanted to be a doctor. There was a little hope that they put on me. Some other parts of me were asking me, then what is my goal? What is my passion? What is my dream?

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Melody, Beat & Soul

Happy New Year everyone!!!!
We are already 45 minutes in 2011 ^^
Thank God for allowing us to step into 2011.

So, here come my latest fanfic: Melody, Beat & Soul

Part 2 is up!!
Intro for part 2: