Sunday, November 28, 2010

Let's Learn Korean Language ( 한국어) - Pt 1

Even I'm not the best to teach Korean, but I believe at least i could help a little..
Korean Language(KL) or 한국어 ( Hanguk O = hangu go)....
I assume that many people would prefer to just learn how to speak/communicate in KL.
Even so, i think the best is to learn it thoroughly. Of course, we, non-native speakers can never be as fluent as the Korean people. But, isn't it a good point if you can read the Hangeul (the Korean alphabet). It really is not dat hard to memorize them except for the double vowels, i got them wrong sumtimes T_T.
Enough with the blabbers, lets get started....
here are the consonants.
There are 19 consonants in Hangeul.

The 19 consonants of Hangeul
Can you them clearly?? I hope so...

Let's go through the first 4..



  • This alphabet is called giyeok.
  • The value sound is G or K.
  • have you ever wondered is it Lee Jun Ki or Lee Jun Gi?? Well, as long as the name is spelled using giyeok, either pronunciation is fine. Bcuz in daily conversation you won't detect the obvious sound difference of g or k sounds in KL.
은행 = banker --> eunhengka
= clock --> shi gye
    • This alphabet is nieun.
    • The sound value for it is N.
    자 = man/men --> namja
      • Lets meet with digeut 
      • this letter produce the sound D or sometimes u might heard it pronounce as T
      • most of the time the word spelled using digeut will be pronounced as the sound of D for example the word  :
      콤한 = sweet (always pronounced as dalkomhage not talkomhage)
      신 = you (often heard pronounced as tangshin not dangshin)
      **even so, sometimes you might heard the D pronounced as T and vice versa. **

        • Here comes rieul
        • and it bring the sounds of L or R
        • from what i've been observed, rieul is pronounced differently according to the position of the letter. 
        • For example:
        거짓 = lie (it is pronounced as gojitmal not gojitmar)
         면 = ramen (it is ramyeon not lamyeon)

        I think giyeok, nieun, digeut and rieul are enough for the first tutorial, isn't it?
        take out your paper or notebook and try to write these four letters and recognize them. Challenge yourself ^^

        최고의 확인을 한걸까? 난 당신을 믿어요...

        행운을 빌어요~~


        chwe go ui hwakineul han gol kka? nan tang shineul midoyo
        (shall we be determine doing this? i believe you)

        hengeuneul biloyo~~ (good luck~~)


        much ♥   


        1. cool! thnx Fatin :)it's me fahyn tehee!

        2. fahyn!!!! thx,,, dis is original lecture notes from me... hahah....
          might stumble a lil in english here n der.. ha777