Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Would you fall for them??

okay,,, i decided that i'll cover on this thing for my very 1st entry... let's analyze the typical characters that appear in kdramas...

most of the dramas would have the 2nd hero.. the one who love the heroin whole-heartedly, n always with the heroin through thicks n thins, n still the heroin just cant see him..

and i who have a fragile heart  ALWAYS fall for this kind of character... you know, people that got hurt deeply but no one can actually see n care about it...

let's meet them now....

the 1st (that i know) is none other than lee junki's character in my girl:

lee junki (seo jung woo is it??) started as a playboy but then fell for lee da hae's character n since then has been very loyal to her. if u remember he still try to hit on da hae until the last minute. remember that he said that if he meet da hae 1st, he's not gonna let her go even though she would still choose lee dong wook in the end... those fragile tears from junki... T_T

the 2nd popular character is none other that the lovely Kim Jeong Hoon in princess hours. His character, Prince Yul is a cool prince that melts the heart of everyone (he melts mine severely LOL). He is the type that rarely showed his true emotions n let those emotions stuffed inside his heart.

Even in some of the episodes we can see Prince Yul being too harsh to Chae Kyung (by means of badmouthing Shin). This prince is still the gorgeous one. 

The third one is none other than the infamous Yoon Ji Hoo from the phenomenal Boys over Flowers. He started as a man who loves an elder woman. But as time goes by he started to fell for the main character. I'm neither Jun pyo's camp nor Ji hoo's camp cuz there's another gorgeous man Yi Jeong. Ji hoo is truly the guardian for Jandi. Whenever Jandi got hurt by Junpyo (emotionally of course) he will ALWAYS be there. A cool guy that will make every girls fall for him except for Jandi.

Next is Shin Woo from You're Beautiful. Kyaa~~ this one is another  gentleman. Like Junki in My Girl he is very persistent in pursuing his love up to the very end. If i have to describe his character, he is a mix of Junki + Ji Hoo. Seeing him trying till the end just break my heart.... that clueless Go Mi Nam is really idiot something i must say...

The last but not least who make it into my favourite list is Geol Oh from  Sungkyunkwan Scandal that had just finished  running on KBS. He is macho and CUTE!!!! kekeke.... the one that protect the girl anytime, anywhere. One different thing is he didnt even get the chance to confess to her.. T_T

Okay... lets get into the matter. If you can see,,, these people share some similar characteristics.
  • good looking & smokin' hot 
  • true gentleman
  • always protect the girl 
  • soft-hearted
  • shed tears easily (in a positive way esp for Junki)
  • often keep the emotions stuffed inside
  • total opposite from the other main character (mostly bad men a.k.a nappeun namja)
Let's think carefully if you ( a girl)  a trapped in a love triangle with two great men with total opposite characters. The nappeun namja and the sweet guy (the five characters listed above). If you watch drama you might fall for the sweet guys but in reality does it happen to you that you are actually more attracted to the nappeun namja. Am I right??

let's watch this clip (one of my favourite)... when the heroin is feeling down etc, the 2nd hero is always there to serenade her.....

watching dis i can't help myself from saying Mi Nam (the boying girl) is a total clueless and idiot girl.... Cant you see how Shin Woo held in his feelings towards her????? *heart breaking scene always make me super emo,, kekkeke*


  1. The one that I familiar with would be Yoon Ji Hoo (Boys Over Flowers). And wow, seriously, tht girl (which I think the main character)is stupid enough to not to realize it. She still chasing for the guy, who I look somewhat arrogant. (I didn't watch the whole episode since I got an incomplete copy from one of my friend). But then, I can feel how Jin Hoo feel towards tht girl, and I talk to myself, "get another girl you moron, hahaha. She (the main char) is not suitable enough for you. You deserve better dude." OK, tht my opinion but sorry if I lack of knowledge about this drama since I'm not a true Kdrama-follower yet... ^^

  2. dean,, the heroin had a crush on Ji Hoo actually but then Ji Hoo loves another woman. So she gave up Ji Hoo and started to give attention to the other guy. When Ji Hoo started to take care of the heroin, she already fall for the other guy. Thats what make the drama complicated ^^
    In spite of the tragic love triangle, i prefer the third guy of the F4 (seo yi jeong),, dun have any love connection with other heroes n the heroin, still, charming enough to grab the attention of the viewers,, ^^
    spent some time watching kdrama,, it is NOT a waste ^^ ha777...