Sunday, November 28, 2010

Let's Learn Korean Language ( 한국어) - Pt 2

 Flower boy Kim Bum is here this time.
Just imagine that he is your private Korean Language teacher ^^

Ok, shall we proceed now??

  • This is called mieum
  • the sound value is M
= horse (mal)

  • and this is bieup
  • it produces the sound of B or P
스 = bus (beo seu)
비빔밥 = mixed rice (bi bim bap)

  • Okay, this is siot
  • it produces the sound of
  • even so, as we always heard, the word spelled with siot as the first letter often pronounced as shh sound. especially if the siot is accompanied by the letter I
  • for example:
  •  품 매점= food stall (shik dang me jeom)
  • 원 = cool (shi weon)
  • while some others are pronounced as the normal S
  •  다 = to live (salda)
  • 랑 = love (sarang)

  • this ring shaped letter is ieung
  • it is for the sound of ng
  • however, this ieung has no sound value when it stands in front of any vowel
  • it only make sound of ng at the word's end
= cool (shi weon) --> the O doesn't make sound as it stands in front of double vowels weo. making the word sounds as weon (after adding nieun) and never can it be ngweon
= love (sarang)

  • here is jieut
  • make the sound of j (dz) and when you need z, you used jieut also
  • sometimes jieut may looks different than the above picture. dis is due the stroke styles. the other form of jieut may look like the japanese katakana for su :
몽 = jumong
무 = sleep (jumu) 

Have a good day everyone ^^

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