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Super Junior Super Show 3 Live in Malaysia

Alhamdulillah~~~ at last i got to see Super Junior with my own eyes on the 19th March 2011!!! oh, itwas 2 months before rite?? teheee... i guess my entry is very late.. mianhae~~~ i was too excited back then.. n then busy with exams.. now that i have 4 months of holiday, i decided to write something....

SS3 in Malaysia was originally supposed to be held on 26th March 2011 organized by Redstar who brought SS2 in 2010. but bcuz Redstar brought JYJ to Malaysia, SM became really childlish by cancelling their contract with Redstar!!  Malaysian ELFs were almost gave up their hopes to see SJ again. Some of the ELFs decided to to attend SS3 in Singapore. And to our surprise, the organizer of SS3 in Singapore : Running Into the Sun (RITS) turned out to be the organizer for SS3 in Malaysia too!!!~~~ very the kamsa to RITS for bringing the boys to SIngapore and Malaysia.

Before i go further with the SS3 story, lt me take you back to the day when pre-sale to SS3 tix was held. I cant remember when it was... gosh, i forgot things very easily!  
It was held at SG Wang Plaza. The tix were supposed to be sold at 10AM i think. So, thanks a lot to my dear friend, Dayah once again for accompanying me there and even helped me to buy the tix. Since one person can only buy up to six tix, i brought her along. I bought 3 tix for myself, 4 for my Singaporean friends and 2 for my
Seremban friends. We went there early (at least i thought it was very early) . We queued at the parking lot from 7.30AM i think. by that time we were the 350th people i think. 

It was getting more crowded.. After 3 to 4 hours the counters were finally opened! At 11AM we managed to enter the mall. Air-cond at last!!! To my horror, there were actually 4 gated to the counters!!!!!! OMMA!!~~~~ Fast forward the story >>>>>>>>>>>> know what ?? after 7 hours of queuing, at last we managed to reached the tix booth!!!! sadly 90% of lower -tiered tix were sold!!! we were aiming for L15 seats, but L15 were sold out!! L4, L5, L16 got last row tix left!!! wat the???!!
 not much choices left, at last i decided to buy L13 tix.. 

Okay... now let's begin our SS3 journey!!~~

My sis Tiqa, my friend Kirin and I reached the stadium in the afternoon. Outside the stadium were full with people already!!! So many people already!! looking at my fellow ELFs, ALL were wearing sapphire blue t-shirts already. looking at them make me excited.. my heart was pumping real hard. Looking around the stadium there were many big posters and banners. 

fast forward again >>>>>>>>>>>

we entered the stadium nerveously at 1715hrs. The stadium was BEAUTIFUL!!! it was completely filled with sapphire blue lightsticks!!! 

At 1600 hrs the stadium was pitch black. Right at the moment the stadium went crazy. ELFs were all were screaming!!~~ I would call it as one of the epic moment.. kekeke... when at the centre of the stadium Donghae was flying in the air. The concert officially started then!!!~~~~~ i remembered the feelings and excitement very vividly. When they sang the first song, Sorry Sorry remix.. even i went to the wildest scream ever!!! i cant explain the feelings exactly to you. u have to experience it yourself, people!

out of all my fancams i luv my don't don video!!!! it was clear and the fact that they performed at the front stage (rite in front of us) is a blessing!!!

here is the list of the songs SJ sang on that lovely and sweet night people ^__^

1) Sorry Sorry Remix
2) Super Girl (Korean) Remix
3) Don’t Don (Remix)
4) No Other
5) Self Introduction – World VTR intros
6) Confession
7) Good Person
8) Rokkugo
9) One Fine Spring Day – Ryeowook’s Solo w/ Sungmin on Guitar
10) New Endless Love – Kyuhyun’s Solo (Chinese)
11) I Wanna Love You – Eunhyuk + Donghae
12) Kiss Goodbye – Leeteuk (Chinese)
13) Looking for the Day – Siwon’s Solo
14) Baby – Henry’s Solo
15) If You Leave – Sungmin’s Solo
15) Down – Eunhyuk’s Solo
16) VTR 2
17) Ttok Ttok Ttok – Super Junior T
18) You &I
19) MC-1
20) Song for you
21) Ms. Chic – Zhou Mi solo
22) Shake It Up (Remix)
23) Twins (Remix)
24) Hate U, Love U
25) In My Dream – KRY + Donghae + Sungmin
26) Rinaldo (Kangin Tribute)
26) VTR 4
27) All My Heart
28) It Has To Be You – Yesung’s solo
28) Perfection – SJM
29) VTR 5
31) A Man In Love
32) U (Rock remix)
33) Dancing Out
34) Encore – Cooking Cooking
35) A Way for Love
36) Wonder Boy
37) MC2 – Ending

credit: solitair @

okie.. if u wanna watch all my fancam just go to my YT channel here:

here is the list of my favourite moment that night :
  • during No Other performance. ELFs were holding lightstick on one hand and the other hand is holding a card written SJ ELF <3 like this :

  •  during Rokkugu when HeeChul stepped on other members
  • during solo performances of Henry, EunHyuk and Sungmin
  • whenever they performed at front stage. kekeke.
  • I SWEAR!!! i made an eye contact with angel leader Leeteuk!!~~~~~ it was for 2 seconds. but in that 2 seconds, the angel spread his wings and take me fly with him. kekeke. it was when they sang Song for You. 
  • I was crying when Yesung sang It Has to be You.. heheh...
  • I LOVE EVERY SECONDS in the 3 HOURS HONESTLY!!~~~~ kyaaa~~~~~~
 oh i dun have that many pictures taken anyway. busy screaming. kekeke. but do visit my FB if u wanna see the pictures..

it was 2 months already after the concert and i've been missing them like crazy!!~~ i hope Super Junior will always be together on stage and off stage. i hope they will be strong and their friendship will last forever. n i will be ELF forever!! dont worry oppas. ELFs and SJ, together, we will own the world!!~~~ ^___^

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