Thursday, May 26, 2011

My lovely moments with 2AM

After SS3, i have this disease of wanting to meet more kpop idols. When i heard there will be 2AM Promo Tour in Malaysia i was super excited!!~~
there would be 3 events if i'm not mistaken.
  1. meet & greet session
  2. autograph session
  3. showcase
Without further thinking i decided to go for the showcase since i would go nuts
and i'm pretty shy actually to meet the boys in person. which i regretted later.

at first i planned to go with my sister Atiqa but she couldn't go home during the weekend. so instead of bringing my brother who keep saying my obsession is annoying him, i brought my youngest sister who is 9 years old along. thanks to her elder sisters she is a fan of kpop too. kekeke.

So, in the end
we met the boys on the 21st May 2011 n managed to heard their lovely voices

during the showcase there were games where some lucky fans went on stage and got to play with 2AM!!~~ kyaa~~ lucky them.
there were one time when 4 luckiest girls were sitting on chairs and 2AM sang to them!!!!!!!!!
DAEBAK!!! they held hands, 2AM's hands over their shoulders and they even hugged!! omma,, JEALOUS!!! but that's the dream of every fans anyway... Y__Y but this girl (Atiq i think) she was particularly made me jealous. she partnered with JinWoon (my fav 2AM boy). She kept on doing skinship with JINWOON!!~~~~~ so jealous!!~~~ u can see in part 2 of the fancaam!!~~ kyaa no more words need to say.
just watch the videos people. 
all videos credit to tvxqDAEBAK.. ^___^

my conclusion:
  • my proudest moment was went I AMs sang birthday song to them~~~~<3
  • JinWoon's eye-smile are very very charming! i kept looking at him all the time
  • SeulOng was a little bit shy i think
  • ChangMin is very handsome actually
  • JoKwon!!~~~~ i wish he showed his Kkap side more!!~~~
  • i had no idea that showcase too, have encore!
  • i love my hot-blooded fellow I AMs <3
  • 2AM jjang
  • I missed them!!!

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