Friday, January 21, 2011

Digi Kpop Party 2010

Is it late already to give a review on it??? Nope, dun think so!! Hehe. It's been a week since the party but I can recall the memory very clearly ^^

At first I really have no desire to go to the party actually, cuz i'm thinking of saving money to go to SS3. However, when there was no updates at all about SS3 (until 1st week of jan), I started to give it a second thought. Then one fine night, I was listening to my favourite song playlist when I was trying to get some ideas for my then latest fanfic. While doing so, I listened a lot to B2St's song. When the playlist shuffled to B2ST's Take Care of My Girlfriend, my heart is pumping and my lungs are screaming rebelliously! My mind started to tell me to just go to the party. After brainwashed my own dearest brain, I gave in. I mean, what i've been thinking all this while??? Not going there?? 3 (THREE!) K-Pop stars (almost like ine of the biggest stars) on  a stage! Crazy! With a really CHEAP price. Where on earth can you get a ticket price like that to watch three stars on a stage???

i said earlier in my Hall of Fame post that Beast and 4minute are like one of the most talented idol groups out there. Since G.Na is solo singer, she is not featured in my list. But hell yeah, she is a BRILLIANT singer!

OK, now let me 'bring' you the party.
Me n my frens got there at about 1525 hrs I guess. It was 4 hours and 30 mins before the party should start.
It was raining heavily that time. Me and Farahin went to the stadium first to get our lightsticks while Dayah stayed in the car to groom herself. Kekeke.
Since we took the back route, it made us go around the stadium to go the centre of the stadium. I saw many fans already gathered there. After we took our lightsticks, we went back to the car. Oh yeah, on our way back to the car we stopped at the Ayamas stall and bought nuggets and chicken drummets. LOL~
Since rain was pouring heavily, we decided to left the stadium and went to Sungei Wang Plaza. There we did our Asar prayer. Then strolled around to kill the time. At around 1800, we left the mall and went down to the parking basement. And guess what???? Such a bunch of idiots we were! XDD None of us remember where we parked the car! Oh my!!!! We spent nearly 45mins searching for the car! mind you, i nearly cried out of frustrations! HAHA.
We got back at the stadium at around 1900 i think. When we got there, so many people already there. We snapped some photos. That moment, my heart started to pump thunderously! Some fans already went into the stadium. I can heard them screaming every now and then. Rain started to slow down. Thanks to the Merciful Allah.
Here are some pix we snapped before we entered the stadium:

Hey look!! It's me n my bias in B2ST!! Yong JunHyung!!! I wish the board is the real him! But wait, if it were the real him i dun think i can stand there sanely or at least still concious! XDD

Now wait! It looks like I was there only for B2ST! No!! I wore purple! For I love 4minute guys!!! 
Oh ! I forgot to take pictures with G.Na's board!!! Mianhae G.Na Unnie!!!!! T_T

Ok.. So after gedik2 outside the stadium, we went inside!! The place were already packed with fans! We took our seats. The fans (including us) started to scream non-stop everytime they played the artists' MVs. At around 1940, Me and Farahin went to the prayer room to do our Maghrib prayer. See?? Who says you can't perform the prayer?? The Surau is there. It is all up to you to do your responsibility as a Muslim!
At 2000, Iqwal made a performance. He was the opening act. 
Then the MC came out and blabbers watever.
At 2030, at last!!!!!!!!!!!! The historical moment!
G.Na came out with her blast single, I'll back off so you can live better. The scream was so loud!!!
She was dressed simply yet super cute! With her pretty new hairdo and the locks looked gorgeous in that colour (dark brown). I swear! She looked so adorable and humble! She was sick!!! Pity her... But she pulled off the stage! She also performed Supa Solo and did a cover on Rihanna's Take a bow. She did forgot a line or two but who cares?? She sang sweetly.

The got HOTTER when 4MINUTE took the stage!!! The girls (JiYoon, SoHyun, GaYoon, HyunA, JIHyun) are all like goddesses!!!! amazing figures, amazing looks, amazing vocals n you name it!

They came out with HuH. The sang five songs. Huh, I My Me Mine, Highlight, Muzik and Hot Issue. I loved it when they sang Hot Issue. Before the song, 4Minute interacted with fans and asked us to do fanchants. 

At last!!!! Time for B2ST!!!!!

I doubt fans can scream any louder than when B2ST appeared!!! The sang Special first! The boys also sang Shock, Soom, Oasis and Beautiful. My throat almost ripped everytime I screamed JunHyung's name. LOL~
He was simply HOT! Yo Seob was so cute!!!!!! After 5 songs, the boys said bye to us!!! We were all dumbstrucked! Then we all chanted "Encore! Encore!" Luckily!!! The boys came back on stage!!!!
And did their encore stage with the song --> V.I.U.....
Oh i forgot to mention that one of B2ST's member, Lee GiKwang didn't come! To bad for his fans!!! He was busy with his acting schedule. But it's ok. The other members already did great anyway ^^

And after that, the party ended for real!!! T_T
it was so short!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (so greedy! i was blessed enough actually to be able to go there. All praises to Allah. Alhamdulillah!)
Here are some pictures ^^

Conclusion (LOL~): The night was awesome! I will never forget it! I considered that as one of the meaningful event in my life! Thanks to Dayah and Farahin for accompanying me that night. I owed you guys a lot dear!!!
And one thing! Those people (beast, 4minute and GNa) proved me that what i've been seeing and watching on TV and internet were not a LIE! They were real. N so is their talents! Their singing were awesome. They did it LIVE! And again, i felt really blessed to be a ble to go there. Thank you Allah! Alhamdulillah for giving me such opportunity! 

Here are some vids that i recorded ^^ better dun watch if you cant stand hearing those hysterical screams from fans. Well, no one can blame them after all!! KEKEKE.. \peace out/


  1. fatim!! omg!! ur voice in the hilite vid!! totally like a 6 year-old gal!! kyeopta~

  2. seriouly cute????
    i say it was annoying!!!