Saturday, July 30, 2011

You & Me

"KYAAAA~~~~!!!! Don't you dare pluck out tomatoes, you devil kids!!!".
A shrilling female voice rang through out the village. The girl was about to curse when suddenly an old male voice stopped her. "So Hyun! You're not any less naughtier than those kids. Stop it. Help me dry the blankets,". Dumbfounded, So Hyun walked towards her dad grumpily.
So Hyun   : Appa! How can you say I'm like those little devils? I'm your daughter. I'm pretty, lady-like and brainy too.
Appa        : Yeah right. If your omma is around I bet she will still beat you.
So Hyun   : Again! Talking about omma. Just marry another woman then. The market ahjumma fancies you appa. She's quite young and she has lots of money! And on the top of that, i don't mind her replacing omma's place. And I'll have a handsome dongsaeng. Appa! If only her son is not 7 years younger than me, i'll make sure he's your son in law, appa!
Appa        : Aigoo~~~ our daughter! How can you talk about your omma like that? Even if she's dead, she's alive in my heart you know?
So Hyun   : Arasso~~ Appa! I'm hungry. Let's have lunch!
Appa        : Aigoo~~ It really is a good thing that you are still slim even though you always stuffed yourself with tonnes of food!
So Hyun   : But, Appa! I heard our village is holding a big event? What event? When?
Appa        : Ah that. National Vegies Festival. In three months time i think.
So Hyun   : Jinjja?? National?? Wuahhhh~~ There must be young wealthy men then. Appa, you want me to get married right? This time I'll definitely snatch a man. Young, handsome and wealthy!
Appa        : Yeah, whatever you wish.


So Hyun walked near the river bank while humming to her favourite song, 0330 by U-Kiss. Suddenly a beautiful blue-yellow butterfly flew across her. Mesmerized by it, So Hyun ran after it. Before she could realized that she was on the verge of falling from the river bank, someone held her hand. So Hyun looked at the face of the person. He had a pair of thick handsome eyebrows, tall, his body built looked very manly while donning a white sleeveless shirt, but the most amazing thing was his pair of captivating eyes. The man released So Hyun's hand. So Hyun's head was spinning. She was wondering whether she was dreaming or was the handsome man an angel sent by her mother to prevent her from falling into the river? "I must make sure whether or not this is just a dream," So Hyun talked to herself. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath. Slowly, she opened her eyes and raised her two hands. Without thinking further, she pushed the man's body as strong as she could. To her utter surprise, she could feel the warmth of the man's body. Her push was so hard that both them became unstable. FLOP!! Both of them fell into the river.
To So Hyun's horror, the guy looked totally annoyed now.

So Hyun : Mianhaeyo!~~ I really didn't mean it. I thought you're not for real.
Eli          : Not for real? I'm a ghost you think????
So Hyun : It's not that. Just because.
Eli           : It could be dangerous you know!
So Hyun : I know right? I'm sorry. But, can I know your name?
Eli           : Eli. Why do you want to know?

Before Eli could say another word, So Hyun ran away from the scene.


Appa         : So Hyun aa! Can you go to the Festival's meeting? Appa got other work to do today.
So Hyun    : Why me???
Appa         : WHY?? Do I have any other child?
So Hyun    : Appa, it's not my fault I don't have any siblings.ᄏᄏᄏᄏᄏᄏᄏᄏ.

So, SooYoung went to the meeting at the village hall. When the meeting was over So Hyun decided to hang around a little bit before she went back to her house. When she was walking around the hall, someone patted her hardly on her back.

Eli          : Excuse me! Kyaa~~ You are the girl that cause us to fell into the river that day right??
So Hyun : I apologized to you already! I have a name you know.
Eli          : Hah. How am I going to call you by your name? You just left that day.
So Hyun : Ah. I forgot about that. I'm So Hyun.
Eli          : You're about the same age with me I guess. Let's be friend. Since I have no friends here.
So Hyun : So you're not from here? Then what are you doing here?
Eli             : I just comeback from the US. My father wants me to help my granddad organize the Festival. He's the chairman.
So Hyun : Really?? Hmm. Since you're new here, ok then. Let's be friends!

With that, Eli came forward give a tight hug to So Hyun.
Eli      : Then, see you around, So Hyun!
Eli waved  at her and left. So Hyun blinked her eyes rapidly. Dumfounded and her heart was beating wildly!


A few weeks passed and Eli and So Hyun's friendship had grow positively.

So Hyun : I'm going to give this fruits to Eli! Geez. I can't believe what am I doing. This is the first time I give so much attention to a guy! Haizz.. I have nothing to loose anyway. Looks like Eli likes me too!

So Hyun was so happy when she found Eli was there under a tent near the Festival place. People were bustling there, busy preparing for the Festival that coming in two weeks time. Before So Hyun could go to Eli, a girl ran towards Eli. She was a cute girl and looks very bubbly. And to So Hyun's surprise that girl pinched Eli's cheeks playfully.

Eli      : Ya~~~ it hurts me!! Min, stop that!!
Min    : Pabo. That hurts?? What kind of man are you??

The sight of them playing happily stirred So Hyun's jealousy. Without her intention, she dropped the fruits on the floor and ran. Min and Eli realized the sudden noise. Eli was so shocked when he saw So Hyun ran. In response, Eli too stood up and tried to went after her. But, Min held her hand and ask him.

Min    :Oppa!! Your girlfriend eh??
Eli      : *stumbling at his words* What girlfriend. No, she's just. Just. Umm, my new friend.
Min    : Really?? Then you guys must like each other??
Eli      :Think whatever you like!

Eli left Min alone. Min was so curious of their relationship status. So, she decided to find So Hyun. Luckily, she found her at another tent. She was there alone.

Min          :Excuse me, who are you??
So Hyun   : So Hyun. How do you know Eli?
Min          : Eli oppa?
So Hyun   : OPPA???!!
Min          : Oh, sometimes I called him honey.
So Hyun   : So, you're his girlfriend right? Gee. I'm such a pabo. Nice to meet you then. See you later.

So Hyun left Min alone. "Girlfriend?? I'm his younger sister!" Min muttered to herself,"Kyaa~This is fun,"

20 minutes later, the chairman assistant called everyone to gather at the main stage.

Mr Joon   : So, in the upcoming Festival we'll have some performances. And we would like to see youngsters to take part in this. It can be dancing, singing or both. Until now, only our young Miss Min has signed up to join. She'll show us a little bit how the performances should be. Come up, Min.

Min came up on the stage and said that she would show a bit of dancing.Everyone applauded for Min. So Hyun looked at Eli. Eli was smiling broadly at Min.

Mr Joon    :Ok, thanks to Min. Now, anyone interested to perform on that day, came queue here to register.

So Hyun walked forward. SHe decided that no matter how, she will defeat Min. At least, if she could not win Eli's heart, she could battle it out by dancing. Though no one might know the reason.
2 Weeks later - Festival Night
After a few speeches, it was the time for them to perform. Min was the first one to perform. She delivered a powerful, energetic yet sexy performance. She received a thunderous claps from the audiences. After two other performances, here came So Hyun's time. She stood at the center of the stage nervously. She grabbed the microphone.
So Hyun   : Hello, everyone. This is my first time dancing. I'd love to dedicate this dance to my dearest appa; who have been giving me endless love. Saranghae, appa!! And to someone I just know a few weeks ago. Though we just knew each other, and I might be the only one who felt this way, I'd love to show him my feelings through this dance.
And when the music started, So Hyun started to dance. It was as energetic as Min's but So Hyun added some emotion into it. The audiences were aware of that and gave her an even louder claps than Min's. Overwhelmed with emotion, So Hyun bowed to them and quickly went off stage. Tears formed in her eyes. But, before she could let the pool of tears from breaking, Min called her.

Min       : Good job just now! Mmmm, can you come with me? I'd like to introduce you to someone.

Hesitated for a while, but So Hyun followed Min. She took her to a more quite place. There, Eli was standing with an old man and woman.

Min        : Oppa! Let's introduce So Hyun to your grandparents.
Eli          : My grandparents are not your grandparents then??? ><
So Hyun : Excuse me, but i don't think i have anything to do with your family matters.

So Hyun suddenly felt irritated and bowed at Eli's grandparents and ready to go when Eli called her name.

Eli               :So Hyun! I think you misunderstood. Min is not my girlfriend. She's my sister. She stayed in the US for too long. I guess that's why she have been acting rather incredulously. Keeps calling me like I'm his lover. She said it was fun. And the thing is, I'm afraid you might not like me at all because we just knew each other. But Min said you liked me too. And my grandparents said I should take this chance to confess to you.
Grandfather : So Hyun, you might don't know this but Min is a little bit too naughty and our ELi is sometimes too shy. I hope you would forgive them and consider Eli's feelings.

So Hyun turned red. She did not know what to say, not when the elders were there. She looked at them. Min was smiling encouragingly although there were this naughty smile on her lips. The grandparents were looking at her warmly and Eli, stood there rather anxious or nervous.
The tears that had been welling in her eyes just now at last broke. At the same time she was laughing. Eli smiled. And he hugged her. Tightly. Min came and joined hugging them both. But before long, Eli pushed her head. With slight anger, Min turned to her grandparents.

Min         : Grandpa, grandma! Let's leave them alone. I'd love to find a boyfriend too!

************************************THE END************************************


  1. woah2. Eli ngan SoHyun. one of your fav couples eh?

  2. @fahyn nope. sum1 asked me to make 1 for Eli. so i decided to pair up with so hyun. tho the original heroin was snsd soo young. but snsd 'starred' in my fanfics few times already. XDD

  3. lol i thought that u prolly wanna keep your hands clean from snsd. XD
    jaejoong boram pleaseeeeeeeeee love yaaaa!