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Hall of Fame

Let's take a break from the korean language tutorial for a while. I lost my pendrive!!! Guhhh, all my Korean language related things dat i wanna share here are gone!! T_T

Back to the Hall of Fame.. Even though i really am just no one i wish i could be someone in kpop world, i'd like to give credit to these kpop idol groups for their talent and drop dead gorgeous looks.

They make it through my list of Hall of Fame due to several reasons:

  1. GOOD songs ( not only title tracks or hit singles but ALL the song in their albums)
  2. GREAT voice especially to their lead vocalists 
  3. good looking (of course essential LOL~~)
  4. funny and got many talents ( in variety shows of course)
  5. great stage presence
  6. most importantly for the girls' group is to NOT BEING FLIRTY, BITCHY N ACT LIKE SLUT WITH BOYS' GROUPS
Proudly present to you the DanhobakSays' Hall of Fame

Dong Bang Shin Ki

  • Their fanclub is called Cassiopeia
  • The first kpop idol I ever love!!
  • The splitville among the members ( JYJ vs HoMin) is heartbreaking so I won't take either side cuz I love DBSK as the five of them. AKTF
  • DBSK is legend
  • Recommended songs:
  • KPOP: Crazy love, Afterglow, mirotic, purple line, hug, rising sun, o jung ban hap, love in the ice, rainbow (got so many!!!)
  • JPOP: why did i fall in love with you, bolero, survivor, kiss the baby sky, 
  • Best voice(s): Xiah Junsu, Hero Jaejoong
  • Best look: Hero Jaejoong

Super Junior
  • their fanclub is called ELF (ever lasting friends) n I'm a proud ELF!!!! <3
  • divided into several sub-groups --> SJ-M, SJ-T, SJ-H and SJ-KRY
  • i must say they are the best at variety shows. They got it all talents, funny and looks.
  • the friendship among member are really touching and warm
  • very close to DBSK. Both group often referred to DBSJ or dong bang junior and their fanclub is CassiELF (I'm a CassiELF ^^)
  • recommended songs: no other, it's you, sorry sorry, bonamana, shake it up, man in love, thirst, angela, all my heart, shining star, she's gone, U, super girl, good luck
  • best voice(s) : yesung, kyuhyun, ryeowook, sungmin
  • best look(s): heechul, donghae, hankyung

  • I love these girls!!!
  • despite their good looks, they have numerous of good songs, hit singles
  • never fail to impress people everytime they ppromote new songs even they just debuted in 2009 only
  • not to forget they r funny!!! 
  • recommended songs: why are you being like this, yayaya, i'm really hurt, bo peep bo peep, lie, like the first time, TTL, 
  • best voice: so yeon, kyuri, eunjung, hyomin
  • best look(s): hyomin, ji yeon

  • Their fanclub is called B2UTY
  • you don't believe that they got such great voices when you see them being dorky all the time
  • I must say each and every songs in their album are simply great!!!
  • they debuted in 2009
  • recommended songs: breathe, shock, beautiful, VIU, b2st is the best, say no, bad girl, lights go on again, mystery, easy, special
  • best voice(s): yo seob, gikwang, hyunseung
  • best look(s): gikwang, doojun

FT Island
  • Primadona is the name of their fanclub
  • leaad vocalist Hongki is dorky and silly and cute at times but when he sings I bet you are blown away with his singing abilities.
  • sub group is known as Ft Triple
  • they are band not dancing group like the other idol groups
  • recommended songs: bad woman, balae, love love love, girls dunno love, after love
  • best voice: lee hongki
  • best look: choi jung hoon

  • they are the female version of B2ST
  • which means, all of their songs just like B2ST, are brilliant!
  • again, they just debuted in 2009
  • recommended songs: HuH, muzik, what a girl wants, hot issue, first, bababa, i won't give you, highlight, who's next
  • best voice(s): ga yoon, ji yoon
  • best look(s): nam ji hyun, hyun a

  • Hottest is the name of their fanclub
  • Jay's withdrawal from the group is something is hard to believe T_T
  • their personalities are close to SuJu 
  • recommended songs: gidarinda jichinda, again and again, i hate you, don't stop can't stop, without you, i'll be back, heartbeat
  • best voice(s): junsu, wooyoung
  • best look(s): nickhun, chansung

CN Blue
  • junior to FT Island
  • also a band
  • also a rookie back in 2009
  • compared to FT Island which sings more rock/ballad, CN Blue sings pop/rock
  • recommended song: wetoriya, love. love light, why Y, i will forget you, teardrops in the rain
  • best voice(s): younghwa, jong hyun
  • best look(s): yonghwa, minhyuk

  • their fanclub is ShaWol
  • debuted in same year with 2PM but bring a total opposite concept from 2PM
  • the group the hearts of the women in Korea in 2008 with their debut single
  • the news of JongHyun dating actress Shin SeKyung is a hot issue in 2010
  • recommended songs: replay, hello, lucifer, ring ding dong, amigo, juliette, jojo, Y.O.U
  • best voice(s): jong hyun, onew
  • best look(s): all members jonghyun, onew, key, minho, taemin

After School
  • debuted as a five-membered group but now they are eight-membered group
  • sub-group is orange caramel
  • debuted in early 2009 and up until now, they have improve a lot vocally
  • known as the Korean PCD 
  • leader gahee is known for her killer abs
  • their concept is more to sexy, energetic. even so, they are really good at ballads now
  • recommended songs: bang, because of you, when i fall, diva, ah, someone is you, magic girl, with you, aing
  • best voice(s): raina, jungah
  • best look(s): UEE, nana, gahee, joo yeon, lizzy

  • The name of their fanclub is Styler
  • I dun like their debut single Mazeltov
  • Numbers means varriety. Many member of Ze:A make name another group with various talents
  • recommended songs: all day,new star, love coach
  • best voice: dong jun
  • best look: jun young

That's all the group that make it into my Hall of Fame. Wait, you might ask me there's some group that are missing from my list. Am I forgot or what?? MMmm, not really. These three groups really deserve to be in my list. Here they are.

 Big Bang & 2NE1
  • I decided to put them together since their music styles and fashion r very similar
  • fanclub name: big bang- VIP  2NE1 - black jack
  • big bang always said to be next DBSK (their influence is getting bigger and closer to DBSK)
  • 2NE1 also debuted in 2009 alongside 4minute, T-Ara, F(X), Secret, Rainbow
  • Recommended songs: (Big Bang: lie, haru haru, last farewell, sunset glow) (2NE1: go away, fire, i don't care, hurt)
  • best voice(s): (big bang: taeyang, daesung) (2ne1: park bom)
  • best looks: (big bang: TOP, GD) (2ne1: sandara park, park bom)

  • Originally 2AM and 2PM are one group called One Day
  • 2AM is the idol group that focus on ballad songs
  • Jo Kwon is well-known for his crazy and fun behaviors
  • recommended songs: friend's confession, i won't let you go even if i die, i love you, like crazy, you wouldn't answer my call, this song
  • best voice(s): all members JoKwon, SeulOng,ChangMin, JinWoon
  • best looks: JinWoon,SeulOng

And here come some other popular groups that can't make it to the Hall of Fame due to some reasonable facts.

 1. SNSD is the only girl group with the largest anti-fan base (what a shame). They have lotsa hit tracks (i dun doubt that), but sometimes it is very disappointing to hear their live singing especially Sunny. Their fanclub, Sone is well known to be rude towards other fanclubs.

 2. U-KISS is improving a lot from their debut days. Especially when they were promoting 'Manmanhani'. However their performance drops badly when they start to promote 'Shut Up'

 3. SS501 is a good group. They are popular and all. But I can't feel their aura anymore especially these days.

 4. KARA is really improve a lot!!! I like that. Their songs these days are brilliant. But sometimes it hurts my eardrum to listen to Nicole's voice.

5.MBLAQ debuted at the same day with Beast. They are a good group. However, opposite to Beast who released numerous of songs until now, MBLAQ (until December 2010) only have 4 songs other that OST and solo projects of members. but they are releasing new album in January 2011. hurray!!!

And yeah there are some groups that really are rising stars and I'm looking forward to their next promotion. And I would like you guys to pay attention to these rising stars namely SISTAR, SECRET, F(X), INFINITE, TEEN TOP, VNT, DALMATIAN, SUPREME TEAM (RAP DUO), RAINBOW.

Adios, peace  out ^^

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